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The camp is run by Jeannine Camps, a journalist and former war correspondent who retired to this privileged corner of the Pyrenees to enjoy her passion for horses together with her partner, Gaizka Echegaray, founder and technical director of the equestrian centre, who leads the team of horse riding teachers. Among its staff is Jeannine's daughter, of American nationality, who studied Biology in England. As well as being an excellent horsewoman, she is also in charge of enhancing the English classes through conversations with the young people.

“What makes our camp so unique is the cosmopolitan atmosphere that exists between the young people from so many different countries and the strong and lasting friendships they make; and without a doubt that is all possible because of the horses and the nature that surrounds us”

— Jeannine Camps

From the very start, the camp has sought to offer an unforgettable experience for young people from around the world on the basis of horses, nature and languages. It offers a mixture of fun and learning based on education and respect.


About Jeannine Camps

Jeannine was a daring journalist. She has a degree in Information Sciences, another in Hispanic Languages and is holder of a Diploma in English and French. She was a Delegate of the EFE Agency on various continents and a war correspondent on different front lines. She has extensive business and project management training and has made a reality of her dream to share one of her greatest passions: horses.

About Gaizka Echegaray

Gaizka is an Industrial Technical Engineer, deck officer for merchant shipping and captain of leisure yachts. He is also a Level II Horse Riding Coach and Equestrian Guide. He is an expert navigator and yachtsman and after sailing around the world for several years he turned to his second passion after the sea: horses. He is founder and technical director of Pirineo Ecuestre, with extensive experience in management and training for skiing, sailing and horse riding. His dream: to make Pirineo Ecuestre a leading centre characterised by professionalism, passion and seriousness.